Our voice opens the doors of perception between the visible and what can be perceived
of the invisible. It goes beyond individual stories, reaching across the barrier of our masks.

It is a way of discovering communion, an audible shock of the invisible colliding with matter: flesh and bones; cells and genes; a violent and traumatic inheritance of histories,
maintained and transformed within our bodies.

There is little about the human voice that needs definition. It is very simple:
we can hear when we are inhabiting ourselves. When this happens we know with absolute certainty that we are here! … and there is nothing in the world that can make us doubt it,
because we have traveled inwards and are well aware of the effort needed to walk this path.


The Human Voice” is a proposal -an invitation- to go beyond the common and conventional sense of the voice (such as theater or music) in order to touch something essential. We cannot approach this work harboring personal desires, pursuits or intentions of reaching a goal. The Voice, beyond the pursuit of a particular objective, takes us in the opposite direction: going inward towards something essential in the individual, the human voice.

How can we come closer? How do we invite ourselves to inhabit our own bodies? It is impossible to go in this direction if we stay within the bonds our intentions, desires and ambitions to attain something. It does not
work this way. To reach this inner space, the human voice, we need
to be as humble as possible.

What is the quality of this movement? It is a mystery, there is no
one technique, method or way. It is a struggle between our desires
and the hunger to dwell within ourselves.